One Very Important Resolution for 2015

You may or may not know this about Grossbusters:  Ever since day one of starting this business years ago, we’ve taken care of nearly every single business-related activity, in house.  Web design, graphic design, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. IN ADDITION to our core business operation of cleaning carpet and everything that goes along with that.

2014 was our busiest year yet.  It has become clear to us that if we are ever to grow this business to where we want to, we must let go of trying to do everything ourselves.  We need to hire professionals to take care of activities outside of the normal realm of Operations.  By doing this, our business will benefit in two ways.

Activities that we hire professionals for (web design, graphic design, accounting, etc.) will be done with a level of skill that we just don’t possess.  It’s nearly impossible to be an expert at each and every one of these activities, ourselves.  If we don’t hire a professional, it will show.  Secondly, outsourcing will allow us time to focus on more important aspects of growing our business such as improving, creating, and implementing systems, as well as attracting new clients.

By having excellent and documented step-by-step systems in our business, we can easily hire help when we need to.  They systems provide an instruction manual on how to do the job the right way.  Systems also help to improve consistency.  Imagine how strange it would be to have a technician come out and clean your carpet a certain way for a certain price, only to have a different technician come out a year later and do things completely differently for a different price.

Our long term goal is to eventually be able to step back and watch the business run without us.  We’ve got a lot of hard work to do before we reach that point but this particular resolution for 2015 is a great start.

Thank you go E-Myth Worldwide for holding our feet to the fire!

Don’t Forget to Clean the Rugs in Your Home!

Sometimes homes with hard floors have numerous area rugs.  It’s important to not forget to schedule regular cleaning of these rugs.  Its easy to forget about cleaning.  After all, that’s probably why you have hard floors in your home- so you don’t have to worry about the cleaning chore that comes with carpet.  But it’s important to keep up with cleaning of rugs as they can be a source of bacteria, allergens, and odors.

To schedule an area rug cleaning today, call 1-955-937-8326 or (360) 200-8825.  You can also schedule online at Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning.

We service Olympia, Lacey, DuPont, Yelm, Tumwater and most surrounding areas.

Carpet Stain Removal App Coming Soon!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give all of our clients a heads-up that we will be rolling our a new smartphone and tablet app. for our business!  It will feature a very extensive list of common carpet stains and how to remove them.  I’ve been working on it for several months and it should be done by summer’s end at the very latest!

The Application will be FREE to download and will be featured in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.  Other mobile devices such as Blackberry and Windows devices will be able to use a “webapp” version of the App.  Users of the carpet stain removal app will have access to exclusive discounts and specials not available to ANYONE else!

Until later,



Steps to Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal From Carpet

Cigarette smoke odor removal from carpet and rugs is, let’s just be honest, very difficult.  No matter how clean your home looks, cigarette smoke odor can make it feel gross.  Your friends and family will probably be too polite to tell you but they would rather not spend time in your home if it smells like cigarettes.  Polls suggest that cigarette smoke is one of the most offensive odors- ranking right up there with feces, skunk, and rotten milk.  Yikes!

Carpet fibers absorb odors of all kinds.  Professional steam cleaning is obviously a great solution.  But what if you can’t afford it?  Here are a couple of low-cost tips to help with cigarette smoke odor removal from your carpet:

  1. Stop Smoking in the House – Instead, smoke outside on a covered porch or in the garage (with the garage door open of course).  This won’t necessarily remove cigarette smoke odor from your carpet, but it will keep the situation from getting any worse.
  2. Sprinkle Baking Soda Over Your Carpet – Baking soda is a great odor counteractant because it naturally absorbs odors.  Just lightly sprinkle baking soda on your carpeting and vacuum it up the next day.  (Note:  Don’t go overboard with the baking soda- never dump so much on the carpet that you can’t vacuum it up.  You can always do the procedure several times if it isn’t successful the first time)
  3. Open Windows and Screen Doors – Just getting extra air flow throughout the home can help immensely.  This can be an especially helpful trick if you have company coming over.  Just open a few windows to let some fresh, Pacific Northwest air in!
  4. Use Vinegar – Just mix a small amount (about a teaspoon or two) of vinegar to about 8 to 12 ounces of water.  Apply this mixture to the carpeting in the areas most effected by the cigarette smoke.  Then, use a shop van or “wet vac” to remove the moisture.  You may need to repeat the process several times.

While these solutions area great for at-home cigarette smoke odor removal, nothing beats professional cleaning.  If your home has severe cigarette smoke odor issues, call us for a free estimate at 1-855-937-8326.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Clients Benefit From Low Moisture Cleaning System

There’s no doubt about it- steam cleaning has become the ‘gold standard’ for cleaning carpets in the residential setting.  It’s also the best method for restoring severely soiled carpets in some restaurants and other high-grease, high-foot-traffic, commercial establishments.  However, within the last decade, a new method of carpet cleaning has proven itself to be superior to steam cleaning in most commercial settings.

Encapsulation cleaning is a “Very Low Moisture” (VLM) cleaning system which leaves commercial carpets dry within 60 minutes or less.  This dry carpet cleaning method has been around for nearly half a century.  However, it’s only within the last decade or so that the chemistry involved has dramatically improved.  As a result, VLM encapsulation cleaning has become one of the most popular methods of cleaning 90% of commercial carpeting.  Clients love it and so do service providers.

Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Fast dry time
  • Clients & employees will be impressed- when your floors look good, you look good
  • Employees & clients can walk on the carpet immediately
  • Minimal slip & fall liability
  • No returning spots
  • No soil “wicking” problems commonly associated with steam cleaning and commercial carpets
  • Specialized peroxide-based cleaning agents help kill germs and bacteria
  • Fantastic cleaning results!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Encapsulation

How Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Works:

As mentioned earlier, encapsulation cleaning is a “very low moisture” (or VLM) cleaning system.  Different professional cleaning companies will have slightly different steps when it comes to the cleaning process.  Here are the steps we take for cleaning commercial carpet using the encapsulation cleaning method:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum all areas of carpet.  Remove as much dry soil as possible prior to the cleaning process.
  2. Pre-treat the carpet with a carefully mixed, soil-encapsulating cleaning agent (explained below).
  3. Use an oscillating pad machine or rotary floor machine with an absorbent pad underneath to absorb some soils and encapsulation cleaning solution.
  4. Perform specialty spot removal using self-neutralizing cleaning agents.
  5. Groom the carpet and allow to dry (usually 45-60 minutes)
  6. Vacuum the carpet to remove left over encapsulant and soil.  (Sometimes this step is left for the client to perform as part of their normal vacuuming routine).

Modern encapsulation cleaning solution is highly effective at adhering to soils in the carpeting, and “encapsulating” them.  The encapsulant dries around soil particulates in a brittle fashion, easy for the vacuum cleaner to remove later.  When properly mixed and diluted, the cleaning agent left behind in the carpet is not sticky and will not attract soil.  When the carpet is vacuumed following the cleaning service, 98% of the encapsulant is removed from the carpet.

The concept of encapsulation cleaning for commercial carpets comes with some skepticism.  Even some professional cleaners question it’s relevancy until the try the system for themselves.  This type of cleaning has been done for years but with sticky shampoos that left horrible, soil-attracting residues behind.  The end result was carpet that looked pretty good for a week or so only to return to it’s dingy appearance shortly thereafter.  Not anymore.

If you’re looking for an alternative to steam cleaning or “hot water extraction” for your commercial building’s carpet, give us a call for a FREE, no obligation cleaning consultation.  We’ll be happy to give you our recommendation on the best carpet cleaning method(s)  for your particular carpet.  We can even work around your cleaning budget.  You’ll get the cleanest carpet at the price you can afford.  We’ll get your carpet and floors looking as clean as possible- and we’ll do it without all the hassle!  Call today!

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Tile & Grout Cleaning in Olympia, Lacey, Yelm, Dupont WA

Tile and grout cleaning is available from nearly every Olympia area cleaner.  However, some cleaners are using technology from decades ago, leaving your tile cleaner but not as clean as possible.  That’s where we’re different.  No one else in the area gives you nearly what we do for your money…

Introducing our Nine Step Tile Cleaning Process for Olympia Residents

  1. Check for cracks and tough stains
  2. Vacuum and/or sweep
  3. Shield surrounding objects from cleaning products
  4. Apply a surface-appropriate cleaning agent
  5. Agitate with a series of brushes and machines
  6. Steam clean with revolutionary tile and grout spinner
  7. Apply surface-appropriate stain removers to stains
  8. Check for stains and damage once again
  9. Seal and/or recolor the grout lines (optional)

Check out our incredible tile and grout “spinner” in action at a real job in Olympia!

Until now, tile and grout cleaning has been a chore dreaded by most tile owners.  And yes, you’ve always been able to pay a professional to come in and clean, but most of the time the results weren’t any better than you could have done yourself.  That’s because they were using the same cleaning methods as you!

Our tile spinner by Turbo Force uses high water pressure, extremely hot water, immense vacuum, and multiple cleaning passes to blast deeply embedded soils from deep within your tile and grout.  We even have a special hand tool for cleaning shower walls, counter tops, back splashes and more!

After cleaning, most clients like us to seal their grout.  Sealing the grout lines makes cleaning up spills and everyday soil much easier because nothing is allowed to penetrate the grout.  We can apply an invisible sealer or one of 87 different colors to better match your tile, decor, etc.  Our sealers are not the consumer-grade products from home improvement stores.  They professional grade and are rated to last up to 25 years!

If you’ve been searching Google for “tile cleaning olympia”, chances are you’ve seen what other cleaners in our area have to offer.  See why so many of our clients are thrilled with our tile cleaning and sealing.

You’ve really got nothing to lose.  Whenever you hire us, you’re getting our 100% money back guarantee.  “If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.”  It’s as simple as that.

For a FREE no obligation estimate call 1-855-937-8326 (1-855-WE-STEAM) right away!

P.S.  For a limited time, get 50 FREE Square Feet of Tile Cleaning when you book an appointment for any tile, carpet, upholstery, or rug cleaning.  But you need to call before November 1st to claim this offer.

Offer available to residents and businesses in Olympia, Lacey, Yelm, and Dupont WA areas.

Carpet Stain Removal – Avoid These Common Mistakes

We’ve all attempted carpet stain removal at least once.  Ugly stains not only ruin that comforting feeling of your carpet, they can also lower the value of your home.  In terms of household expenses, carpet ranks right up there with the family automobile.  It’s not cheap!  So, it’s understandable why many carpet owners take it upon themselves to perform spot removal treatments.  Unfortunately, the average consumer lacks proper carpet stain removal training and can actually make the problem worse by committing one of the following mistakes.

Three Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes You Never Want To Make…

  • Waiting Too Long! – If you don’t respond quickly to a spill, it may become a permanent stain.  This is especially true if your carpet hasn’t been recently treated with carpet protection to protect against stains.  If the spill has any type of dye, it will have a chance to seep into the fibers and possibly even penetrate the protective barrier if you don’t act fast enough.
  • Using An Inappropriate Cleaning Product – Because the average consumer lacks the proper training, they reach for any type of cleaner they can get their hands on.  Some ‘all-purpose’ cleaners claim to be safe for carpet but the reality is, they aren’t.  We frequently see homes in which these types of chemicals have caused permanent color-loss on the carpet.  What’s worse is even some of the most popular and “effective” carpet stain removers are ineffective and dangerous to your carpet.  You see, professional cleaners carry sometimes in excess of 25 specialty stain and spot removers to address every different type of carpet stain they encounter.  You should be wary of products that claim to be effective an all types of stains while also being safe for your carpets.  For an acceptable cleaning product, contact a professional for a recommendation.
  • Over-Agitation Of The Stain – For some reason, it is our natural human instinct to scrub a stain to get it clean.  This is probably necessary on other surfaces such as counters or hard floors, but it is damaging to carpets!  Over-agitation causes the carpet fibers to “bloom” (just a fancy way of saying distort).  Once the fibers bloom, they will have a ‘fuzzy’ appearance that stands out from the rest of the carpet.  Unfortunately, this is an irreversible problem so any damage done by scrubbing is permanent….So, don’t scrub.

And there you have it.  If you avoid these three carpet stain removal mistakes, you’ll have better luck at keeping your carpet looking its best.

Cleaner’s Corner – Welcome!

We are excited to welcome you to the Cleaner’s Corner!  Here you’ll find great information, tips, and answers to your questions from REAL-life, professional cleaners.  So, bring us your questions about carpet, upholstery, rug and leather cleaning, we’ll do our best to provide you with the education you’re looking for.

Since the inception of Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning years ago, we’ve maintained our commitment to staying accessible to our clients.  When you do business with our company, you deal directly with the owners; no middlemen.  It’s this level of service that sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our clients coming back to us again and again.  We’ve become one of the most well-known and reputable cleaners in the South Sound region.

Stay tuned for expert advice and answers to your most important questions!


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