Commercial Carpet Cleaning Clients Benefit From Low Moisture Cleaning System

There’s no doubt about it- steam cleaning has become the ‘gold standard’ for cleaning carpets in the residential setting.  It’s also the best method for restoring severely soiled carpets in some restaurants and other high-grease, high-foot-traffic, commercial establishments.  However, within the last decade, a new method of carpet cleaning has proven itself to be superior to steam cleaning in most commercial settings.

Encapsulation cleaning is a “Very Low Moisture” (VLM) cleaning system which leaves commercial carpets dry within 60 minutes or less.  This dry carpet cleaning method has been around for nearly half a century.  However, it’s only within the last decade or so that the chemistry involved has dramatically improved.  As a result, VLM encapsulation cleaning has become one of the most popular methods of cleaning 90% of commercial carpeting.  Clients love it and so do service providers.

Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Fast dry time
  • Clients & employees will be impressed- when your floors look good, you look good
  • Employees & clients can walk on the carpet immediately
  • Minimal slip & fall liability
  • No returning spots
  • No soil “wicking” problems commonly associated with steam cleaning and commercial carpets
  • Specialized peroxide-based cleaning agents help kill germs and bacteria
  • Fantastic cleaning results!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Encapsulation

How Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Works:

As mentioned earlier, encapsulation cleaning is a “very low moisture” (or VLM) cleaning system.  Different professional cleaning companies will have slightly different steps when it comes to the cleaning process.  Here are the steps we take for cleaning commercial carpet using the encapsulation cleaning method:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum all areas of carpet.  Remove as much dry soil as possible prior to the cleaning process.
  2. Pre-treat the carpet with a carefully mixed, soil-encapsulating cleaning agent (explained below).
  3. Use an oscillating pad machine or rotary floor machine with an absorbent pad underneath to absorb some soils and encapsulation cleaning solution.
  4. Perform specialty spot removal using self-neutralizing cleaning agents.
  5. Groom the carpet and allow to dry (usually 45-60 minutes)
  6. Vacuum the carpet to remove left over encapsulant and soil.  (Sometimes this step is left for the client to perform as part of their normal vacuuming routine).

Modern encapsulation cleaning solution is highly effective at adhering to soils in the carpeting, and “encapsulating” them.  The encapsulant dries around soil particulates in a brittle fashion, easy for the vacuum cleaner to remove later.  When properly mixed and diluted, the cleaning agent left behind in the carpet is not sticky and will not attract soil.  When the carpet is vacuumed following the cleaning service, 98% of the encapsulant is removed from the carpet.

The concept of encapsulation cleaning for commercial carpets comes with some skepticism.  Even some professional cleaners question it’s relevancy until the try the system for themselves.  This type of cleaning has been done for years but with sticky shampoos that left horrible, soil-attracting residues behind.  The end result was carpet that looked pretty good for a week or so only to return to it’s dingy appearance shortly thereafter.  Not anymore.

If you’re looking for an alternative to steam cleaning or “hot water extraction” for your commercial building’s carpet, give us a call for a FREE, no obligation cleaning consultation.  We’ll be happy to give you our recommendation on the best carpet cleaning method(s)  for your particular carpet.  We can even work around your cleaning budget.  You’ll get the cleanest carpet at the price you can afford.  We’ll get your carpet and floors looking as clean as possible- and we’ll do it without all the hassle!  Call today!

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