One Very Important Resolution for 2015

You may or may not know this about Grossbusters:  Ever since day one of starting this business years ago, we’ve taken care of nearly every single business-related activity, in house.  Web design, graphic design, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. IN ADDITION to our core business operation of cleaning carpet and everything that goes along with that.

2014 was our busiest year yet.  It has become clear to us that if we are ever to grow this business to where we want to, we must let go of trying to do everything ourselves.  We need to hire professionals to take care of activities outside of the normal realm of Operations.  By doing this, our business will benefit in two ways.

Activities that we hire professionals for (web design, graphic design, accounting, etc.) will be done with a level of skill that we just don’t possess.  It’s nearly impossible to be an expert at each and every one of these activities, ourselves.  If we don’t hire a professional, it will show.  Secondly, outsourcing will allow us time to focus on more important aspects of growing our business such as improving, creating, and implementing systems, as well as attracting new clients.

By having excellent and documented step-by-step systems in our business, we can easily hire help when we need to.  They systems provide an instruction manual on how to do the job the right way.  Systems also help to improve consistency.  Imagine how strange it would be to have a technician come out and clean your carpet a certain way for a certain price, only to have a different technician come out a year later and do things completely differently for a different price.

Our long term goal is to eventually be able to step back and watch the business run without us.  We’ve got a lot of hard work to do before we reach that point but this particular resolution for 2015 is a great start.

Thank you go E-Myth Worldwide for holding our feet to the fire!

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